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About us

About Werdenberg International Corporation

The Werdenberg Group of Companies, in its existing expanse, expertise, and business volume, was the yield of President Werner Berger’s innate business acumen, instinct, and diligence. With his COO Othmar Frei at the helm, the food conglomerate has been augmented to what it is known today.

Long ago, the Hospitality industry in The Philippines with a lack of quality ingredients and inconsistency in food & beverage supplies saw an upheaval—the conception of Werdenberg Intl. Corp. (WIC) and Euro-Swiss Food Inc. (ESFI) from 1984 to 1987 and the opening of the very first Säntis Delicatessen in 1987 started rooting for authentic and healthy ingredients since then.  

Werdenberg Intl. Corp., importer & distributor of food, wine & equipment products from different countries around the world, is still the unparalleled giant in the industry. Being the most quality-consistent and reliable in service & price-competitiveness is an added feather to our cap.

Euro-Swiss Food Inc. is a food manufacturing company involved in the production of Swiss-German sausages, hams, many kinds of bacon, cold cuts & other meat specialities.

Having a continuous supply of imported fresh & processed food products, wines, and F & B equipment, together with their own sausage factory within the same premises, paved the way to the establishment of retail outlets (Säntis Delis) as a logical distribution channel. Thus, within the period 1987 to 2020, a total of 12 Santis Delicatessen Shops have been put up to cater to the demands in different strategic locations.

Chesa Bianca Swiss Restaurant, Cave Werdenberg Wine Bar, and I’m Angus Steak House are three restaurants that sprung up from the two major food suppliers, WIC and ESFI. With the freshest ingredients coming from just next door, good quality food is a surety.


In 1985, Werdenberg International Corporation, set its first foot in the retail as a small company in Manila. Over the years, it turned into a large conglomerate of businesses with a workforce exceeding 400 employees to this day. The rapid growth in the industry did not see a flaw in our vision. It’s always the same over the decades: TO BE THE MOST RELIABLE FOOD AND BEVERAGE PROVIDER IN THE PHILIPPINES.

The successful entry of our companies in the Philippine market is an open secret to many. From the very start, we have introduced and maintained a highly prestigious image. The names of our businesses became synonymous with quality products and excellent sales services, which is a class apart from the rest. Over the decades, we have put our efforts into earning the distinction of establishing the benchmark of the food and beverage industry in the Philippines. With this distinct privilege comes a strong sense of commitment on our part to become continuously better at what we do.