Rougié Goose Fat 320g

Rougié Duck Fat Glass Jar 320g

Rougié Bloc of Duck Liver without Truffle 200g

Rougié Bloc of Goose Liver without Truffle 210g

Rougié Bloc of Goose Liver with Truffles 145g

Rougié Confit of Duck with Duck Fat 575g

Ospelt Pate Sandwichcréme 115g

Ospelt Pate Schinkenfleischkäse 115g

Ospelt Pate Truten-Fleischkäse 115g

Ospelt Pate Delikatess-Fleischkäse 115g

Pate Leberwurst 160g

Pate Zwiebelwurst 160g

***Availability of products may vary depending on stocks