Paulsen Sauerkraut 9.7kg

De Rica Peeled Whole Tomatoes 2.5kg

De Rica Peeled Chopped Tomatoes 2.5kg

Hero Ravioli with Tomato Sauce 430g

Hero Gulasch Soup 420g

Hero Peas and Carrots 425g

Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce 420g

Heinz Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce 420g

Harissa Paste 135g

Vongole au Natural 800g

Snails Large Escargot 800g


Paulsen Red Beetroot Balls 520g

Paulsen Red Cabbage 680g

Paulsen Red Beetroot 330g

Paulsen Fass Gherkins 970g

Paulsen Cornichons with Garlic 330g

Paulsen Cornichons 330g

Condi Cornichons 200g

Kitchenfest Sundried Tomatoes in Oil 2.95kg/jar

Kochs Horseradish 700g

Three Threes Mint Jelly 290g

Sweet Soy Sauce 620ml

Freshona White Asparagus Spears 330g

Chirat Cocktail Onions 210g

Choco Nussa Hazelnut Creme 400g

Mango Chutney 340g

The Food Company Sambal Oelek Sauce 250g

Piquillo Peppers 16pcs 290g

Piacelli Cherry Compote 560g

Piacelli Peach Compote 560g

Piacelli Apricot Compote 560g

Piacelli Plum Compote 560g

Piacelli Dried Tomatoes in Herb Oil 280g

Piacelli Artichoke Hearts in Herb 280g

Piacelli Mushroom in Herb Marinate 280g

Piacelli Grilled Paprika in Oil 280g

Piacelli Garlic Siciliana in Spicy 280g

Piacelli Onion in Balsamic 280g

Piacelli Caper in Wine Vinegar 90g

Piacelli Lemon Juice Yellow 200ml

Piacelli Lime Juice Green 200ml

Don Fernando Anchovy Fillet in Sunflower Oil 140g

Elderflower Syrup 500ml


Mifloc Kartoffelstock 150g

Hero Roschti Alubeutel 500g

Muesli Premium Toasted Full of Fruit 750g

Muesli Premium Full of Fruit 750g

Pumpernickel 250g

Pumpernickel 500g

Kooka Spicy Breadcrumbs 200g

Kooka Cajun Spices Breadcrumbs 200g

Quince Jelly Membrillo 450g

Smoked Hot Spicy Spanish Paprika 75g

Maple Syrup 250ml

Oswald Brodo ai Funghi Porcini 230g

Oswald Vegetable Bouillon 280g

Oswald Huhnerbouillon 350g

Oswald Bratensauce Roast Sauce Fat Free 215g

Knorr Gemüse Extrakt Fettfrei 250g

Knorr Aromat 90g

Knorr Bratensauce 150g

Knorr Braten Sauce with Instant Granules 230g

Knorr Bündner Gerstensuppe 108g

Knorr Steinpilz Suppe 66g

Knorr Risotto ai Funghi 250g


Don Fernando Mussels in Marinate 111g

Don Fernando Octopus in Garlic 111g

Always Fresh Smoked Oysters in Oil 85g

Always Fresh Smoked Mussels in Oil 85g

Niko Herring Fillets in Paprika 200g

Niko Herring Fillets in Horseradish 200g

Niko Herring Fillets in Mustard 200g

Niko Herring Fillets in Tomato Sauce 200g

Niko Fried Herring Homestyle 375g

***Availability of products may vary depending on stocks