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How the Werdenberg Group of Companies came to be, in its existing expanse, expertise and business volume was simply the product of President Werner Berger’s innate business acumen, gut-feel and hard work. With this his General Manager Othmar Frei at the helm, the food conglomerate has grown to what it is known today.

The conception of Werdenberg Intl. Corp (WIC) and Euro-Swiss Food Inc. (ESFI) within 1984 to 1987 and the opening of the very first Säntis Delicatessen in 1987 was the perfect timing in that period when lack of quality ingredients and severe inconsistency in food and beverage supplies permeated the hotel and restaurant industry.

Werdenberg Intl. Corp., importer and distributor of food and wine and equipment products from up to nine different countries, is still the unparalleled giant, being the most quality-consistent and reliable in service and price-competitiveness.

As the pioneer in the importation of top quality products, Werdenberg supplies the hotel and restaurant industry with the widest range of fine dining foods and equipments such as: U.S Certified Angus Beef, Australian Lamb and Beef, Norwegian Salmon and other seafood, French foie gras, air-dried specialties Swiss Chocolates & couverture, cheeses, yoghurt & other dairy products, pasta & pasta sauces, bakery & confectionary products, spices & condiments, herbs and air-flown vegetables, wines from 11 different countries, wine chillers, heavy duty coffee machine and many more.  

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